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Yo-Yo Test

Yo-Yo Tests Kit for Soccer  by Jens Bangsbo

Yo-Yo Test:

TEST #1  The Intermittent Recovery Test.

Used by Men's and Women's National Teams.

This test features two 20 meter shuttle runs followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Players follow the progressively timed beeps until failure.

TEST #2  Continuous Endurance Test. A continuous 20 meter shuttle run with progressively timed beeps. This test measure the athlete's ability to use oxygen a continuously basis. Also know as the "Beep Test".

TEST #3  Intermittent Endurance Test. Tests the athlete's stop/start endurance following the progressively timed beeps until failure.

Developed by famous Danish soccer physiologist Jens Bangsbo. 

Order Form at: http://www.performancecondition.com/catalog/index.html?soccercatalog.html

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